Character Reaction Exercise

Project Description
Environment & Objects were modeled and textured by me. Mery model ©

Background Story
“Stacey never thought much about her future after high school graduation and, in fact, waited until the absolute last minute to start applying to colleges. Her nothing to brag about ACT score together with her mediocre C-average GPA made her regret all the slacking off during the so-called ‘best years of your life.’ Discouraged by the stream of ‘After careful consideration, we regret to inform you…’ letters, she had little hope of acceptance, but today there was a letter waiting for her on the table when she arrived home. ‘That’s funny,’ she thought to herself, ‘I didn’t think schools still sent rejection letters through the post office.’”

Technique: Autodesk Maya
Role: 3D Modeler, Animator
Year/Medium: 2018 3D Animation